What is BDF?

The superiority of BDF is using a public chain and applied the smart contract of Ethereum into their system. Thus, it can be reducing the cost and make everything more transparency.

BDFs are used in online shopping, offline shopping malls, entertainment betting, catering payments, real estate hotels, luxury goods, etc. BDFs are committed to building a global payment ecosystem, enhancing the user experience of encrypted currencies in "all" consumption scenarios, and establishing a global cashless trading system.

Based on 5G information, BDF tries to build a new global blockchain financial game free trade platform with financial games combined with blockchain as the starting point, and uses blockchain as the bottom to support the whole ecological digitization.

Blockchain for Commercial Applications

The ecosystem of the basic currency in BDF

There are various fiat currency and cryptocurrency such as US dollar, Euro, Renminbi and Bitcoin that existing in the world of BDF. As the basic currency of BDF tokens, can serve as a gold as a collateral and can be easily execute international financial trade without any third party clearing agency.

The technical structure of BDF

By using the Ethereum underlying technology, BDF build the ultimate and abstract base layer which build-in Turing complete programming with Blockchain system. It makes everyone able to create contracts and decentralized applications, and set up their ownership rules, transaction mode and state transition function.

Security core mechanism of BDF

There are two parts of security core of blockchain, first is consensus mechanisms, second is Hashing Algorithm. Hashing Algorithm is often called message digest or hash algorithm. The principle of it is to map a piece of information to a fixed-length binary value, this binary value is called Hash Value. Below is the feature of Hash Value.

Hashing algorithm

Blockchain mainly uses SHA256, thence BDF apply SHA256 as the hashing algorithm for the underlying chain. In order to meet safety and regulatory choices, some particular business scenarios are using SM3 to make it implement.

technical feature of BDF

There is a complicated mathematical calculation while adding a new transaction to the blockchain, called Hash calculation. It depends on the transaction data, the identity of the parties involved in the transaction, and the results of previous transactions. Blockchain ensures that malicious participants cannot tamper with the transaction history.

Decentralized network

Through various technologies such as cryptography, P2P networks and consensus mechanisms, it formed a decentralized, traceable, and non-tamperable network. BDF want to create a decentralized international financial trading platform based on blockchain technology.


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